Elizabeth Keyton Photography

  Bringing you the world one photograph at a time !

Photography for me is a creative outlet and a way to relax from the intensity of being a nurse. It allows me to slow down and see the world at a walking pace rather than the rat race. Where do I find my images? Contrary to what most people think I do not travel to take photographs, rather as I go through my life I capture the images that first capture me.  These images are the ones that I want to bring back to family and friends so that I may share the beauty and wonder of the world God created.  My travels have included everything from mission trips to countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Fiji, Tanzania and Uganda, to my adventures after these working trips to places like New Zealand where I went Bungee Jumping, Norway where I explored the Fjords under the midnight sun and Nepal where a continuing education class for my nursing license included a climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp at 17,700 feet. God has given me an adventurous heart and one that wants to serve others.

Happily along the way art happens! 

South Island New Zealand Hiking
Ana 88 years young during my  5 years as a missionary in Romania.
Homes of Hope Fiji Mission Trip
Hiking the Bear Tooth in Montana